Elections at Risk: Film Stills


STEALING AMERICA: Vote by Vote brings together behind-the-scenes perspectives with a focus on the U.S. presidential election of 2004 (plus key races from 1996 through 2008). Startling stories that warrant serious investigation range from vote counts that don't match votes cast to sweeping disenfranchisement of minority voters and many other examples of election results. We hear from voters who experienced a wide range of problems, including votes flipping from one candidate to another, and not enough machines to serve the number of voters. Investigative journalists describe how their reportage on election fraud was ignored. First-person testimonies speak of waiting in line nine hours to vote. We hear polling experts' requests for data was rejected. Ballots were being systematically destroyed, making audits impossible. The bottom line message is for voters to be aware and to take responsibility and report irregularities.

The making of:

I was among a group of volunteers who flew from California to South Florida to observe during the 2004 Presidential Election. As voters came out of the booths, they reported their votes for Kerry were flipping on the screen to George Bush. On the plane back to California, other volunteers reported voters complaining that their votes would "flip" in one direction, from Kerry to Bush. I began to investigate and found that votes for President were being switched, mainly in one direction from Kerry to Bush, in at least 13 states. I decided to make a film about this unreported election anomaly. Through background research, I discovered dozens of other serious problems across the country during that election. While I was making the film STEALING AMERICA one of the stories I followed was about irregularities in New Mexico during the 2004 Presidential election. I produced my second election integrity documentary, RECLAIMING Their VOICE: The Native American Vote in New Mexico & Beyond which looks at the American Indian suffrage movement historically and the current efforts to overcome voter disenfranchisement.